Improve the quality of life of your residents with useful public data

Improve the quality of life of your residents suffering from pollen allergies

25% of your residents are allergic to pollen.. Live pollen information enables them to anticipate their treatment and adapt their daily behavior to limit or even avoid the onset of their symptoms. Live and hyperlocal pollen measurement is a major advance in the management and prevention of allergies. It is now possible for you to contribute effectively by equipping your community with Lify Air's solution..

Address air quality issues

Pollen measurement, in addition to its essential contribution to prevention, is an additional indicator of air quality correlated to climate change.  

It is an effective and less divisive way than pollution to address air quality issues in your area. It also promotes awareness on the effects of global warming and its impact on daily life.

Set up a Smart City project of direct use to your residents

Pollen information is a data that can add to your smart city strategy to create a more sustainable city for tomorrow. The deployment of Lify Air solution allows to generate immediately, simply and without any intervention your administration, a useful, exploitable and sharable data. A real turnkey and instantly operational use case.

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