Real-time pollen sensor, what for?

LIFY-AIR proposes to solve the equation capture / analysis / prediction in real time of pollens present in the air by creating the world's first miniaturized pollen sensor capable of detecting the presence of pollens in ambient air.


LIFY-AIR wishes to enable allergy sufferers to anticipate and better manage their allergy crises by taking their treatment at the beginning of the contamination in the asymptomatic phase.


Thanks to real-time, predictive and qualitative information, patients and their doctors will be able to better anticipate treatments, identify their potential allergies and adopt the right gestures and best practices during periods of pollen emissions.

LIFY-AIR's entire value proposition will ultimately make it possible to minimize allergy crises and strongly limit their financial and societal impacts.

Pollen allergies affect 25% of the world's population in 2020.

By 2050, 50% of the world's population will be allergic to pollen. 

Pollen allergies affect 25% of the world's population. They have risen sharply since the 1970s, from 7% to 25% in 2019, and will reach 50% in 2050.

Respiratory allergies: 1st cause of productivity loss in the world

Respiratory allergies, of which pollen allergies are a part, are the 1st cause of loss of productivity in the world, ahead of cardiovascular diseases.

Pollen allergies generate an abyssal cost of €127bn/year in Europe

7 million days of work stoppage/year, generating a cost (direct and indirect) of approximately €16 billion in France and €127 billion in Europe.

To date, no automated pollen detection device has been installed.

In 2020, there is no low-cost, miniaturized, automated, real-time pollen capture and analysis device in the world.

Causes of the increase in pollen allergies

Climate change

Migration of some plants, multiple annual flowering and increase in CO2 = plant growth

Impact of pollution

The structure of the pollen is modified when it is released by NO2* and SO3**, directly releasing the allergenic proteins.

* Nitrogen dioxide,** Sulphur trioxide

BEENOSE : Real time sensor

LIFY-AIR's breakthrough innovation

A unique technology, developed in collaboration with the CNRS, protected by a patent registration

Based on an optical process, invented and developed in collaboration with the researchers of the Laboratory "LPC2E", in only 12 Months.

Data generated in real time, to feed our pollen particle discrimination algorithms

Sensors currently deployed in a network in three French regions, for the experimentation phase.

Barrier to entry !

Modern Infrastructure Management Tools & Visualization

écran de démonstration lifyair

Implementation of a dedicated IOT infrastructure

Remote management of the sensor pool

Infrastructure data, pour les calculs en temps réel

Development of APIs for future data flow interoperability

Anticipate the rise in load

In partnership with AWS, we have put in place a global, powerful and scalable infrastructure, to plan the scalability and implement our supervision, data science and security tools.



Operational and complementary, combining the experience of innovation, 

research, business development and web marketing, with a strong focus on digital technology and R&D.




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