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L'information sur les pollens issue de mesures locales et en temps réel pour une meilleure qualité de vie.

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de la mesure pollinique locale et en temps réel

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Our pollen information solution

La technologie innovante Lify Air fondée sur des capteurs de pollens miniaturisés et de l’intelligence artificielle permet de détecter, compter et discriminer les différents types de pollen localement et en temps réel 

Capteur automatique de pollens

A local pollen sensor network

  • A patented and award-winning technology, co-developed with CNRS
  • Miniaturized sensors to promote a dense measurement network
  • Local measurements for a relevant information

Smart analysis of pollen data

  • Several artificial intelligence algorithms 
  • Taking into account the weather phenomena

Live and personalized information 

  • Une information mesurée délivrée en temps réel contre 10 jours de délai actuellement avec la méthode historique
  • Ultra-local rather than territorialized information for a more personalized experience

Client testimonial

"Blois has experimented the Lify Air solution throughout 2021 with a very good result and a continuous improvement of the performance. To be a strong actor of health prevention is one of the missions of local governments. That's why we will continue to work with Lify Air for increased protection for all."
Jean-Michel Bernabotto
Chief of Staff to the President of the Communauté d'Agglomération de Blois

Why is live pollen measurement a major issue?


A global and growing impact

Since the 1970s, the population affected by allergy has been growing year after year and with it the associated societal cost in terms of health and productivity.


Strong ties with climate change

Global warming and pollution are causing significant changes in flowering and pollen structure.


The timing of pollen information, a key point

Avoidance is one of the key measures in the management of one's pollen allergy. In order to adopt the right behaviors and anticipate treatment, the relevance of information on allergen exposure is essential.

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